Audio Crush

Audiocrush is a podcast that posted 27 episodes in 2005 and 2006. As an offshoot of anonymous confession site, episodes typically featured phoned in stories of hysterical lasciviousness and unspeakable shame, mixed with segments such as Half-Assed Movie Review, Into It/Not Into It and Noodly Hoodly Doodly. International correspondants Shithound, Matt of the Relm, Drinkey Pig Georgia and Ricksta add the Web 2.0 flavour of interactivity, while providing a body of evidence against alcohol consumption. The music is pretty good if you like indie rock or George W Bush mash-ups. It is also so funny that your face will melt off. 

Fun Facts!

  • Audiocrush is easily the best podcast ever
  • Audiocrush is not responsible for anything, ever
  • Audiocrush is weightless